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We’ve Got the Power!

Sixteen of your favorite lesbian authors (including myself) are rocking the midterms with a FREE collection of short stories to be given to those who exercise their power to vote.

Our vote is our best chance to have a say in the direction of our country, of our world. We’ll show our thanks for your vote with this compilation of stories about the power of democracy, the strength of women and a little lesbian lovin’ too.

Are you ready to vote? Heck, maybe you’ve already voted by mail or online. In any event, take a photo to prove it, but DON’T POST IT YET. We’ll let you know when and where.

Your photo must contain TWO things.*

(1) Every photo should include either YOU, your PET, or a BOOK to make it personal
(2) Every photo should include ONE of these things to prove you’re ready to vote or have already voted:
– your polling place
– your mail-in ballot (but not how you marked it)
– if you’ve already sent your ballot in, the place where you dropped it off
– if you vote online, the home page
– your voter registration card (no identifying info)
– your candidate T-shirt, hat, bumper sticker, yard sign
– your I Voted sticker
– anything else you can think of to show us that you VOTE

*Non-US voters: If the items on this list don’t apply to you, think of something that does. Remember to include (1) with your photo.

So get your photo ready now. As soon as our short story collection is formatted for ebook, we’ll ask you to post your photo. Then we’ll send you the ebook FREE.

Here is the beautiful cover by the marvelous Ann McMan (who is so talented she also has a story in the collection).

Other authors include:
Tracey Richardson
KG MacGregor
Marianne K Martin
Celeste Castro
Carolyn Elizabeth
Liana Villeneuve
Cheryl A. Head
J.E. Knowles
Cade Haddock Strong
Susan X Meagher
Cindy Rizzo
Rachel Spangler
Me – Mary Griggs
Jaime Clevenger
Renée Bess


Make sure you’re registered to vote and #GeauxVote!

To get non-partisan election information, contact your local League of Women Voters

There are also LGBTQ equality organizations in every state (check out this list of member organizations from Equality Federation), many of whom provide endorsements. I serve on the board for Forum for Equality PAC in Louisiana and our endorsements can be found HERE.

There are a number of progressive organizations across the nation that provide endorsements. I also serve on the board of the Independent Women’s Organization and our endorsements can be found HERE.

Together, we can Crush the Midterms!