I’ve joined with a great group of authors in giving out a collection of short stories in an ebook “We’ve Got the Power: Stories by Lesbians Who Vote” to anyone who posts a 2-part proof of voting. You can post on social media and put the link to it in the comments to this post and I’ll email you the link to download the ebook. You can also tag me on Facebook or Twitter and I will message you the link.

Here are the basics:
(1) Every photo should include either YOU, your PET, or a BOOK to make it personal

(2) Every photo should include ONE of these things to prove you’re ready to vote or have already voted
– your polling place
– your mail-in ballot (but not how you marked it)
– if you’ve already sent your ballot in, the place where you dropped it off
– if you vote online, the home page
– your voter registration card (no identifying info)
– your candidate T-shirt, hat, bumper sticker, yard sign
– your I Voted sticker
– anything else you can think of to show us that you VOTE

*Non-US voters: If the items on this list don’t apply to you, think of something that does. Remember to include (1) with your photo.

Please do not post the link I give you anywhere – we want to make sure we are getting proof of voting for every ebook that goes out. Thanks in advance!

Geaux Vote!