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When I was in junior high I won a shooting competition and the prize included a membership in the National Rifle Association. At the time, the majority of members of the organization were shooting enthusiasts like me or hunters and firearm collectors.

Not so today.


The National Rifle Association’s primary interest is in the bottom line of gun manufacturers. Selling guns and ammo is big money – in fact, Black Friday gun sales increased about 5% in 2015.

The NRA’s revenues are intrinsically linked to the success of the gun business. Read Blood Money and Blood Money II for a detailed financial breakdown of the National Rifle Association and the millions of dollars firearm companies donate to the NRA sponsor program called the Ring of Freedom.

What’s more, they’re profiting on suicide (the data indicates that the biggest number of gun deaths are suicides) by blocking efforts since 1996 to even study gun violence. The ban on the CDC was extended just weeks after the Charleston, SC church shooting.

It is clear the NRA doesn’t want an end to the mass shootings. And they have enough lawmakers in their pocket to stop any sane efforts toward gun safety. The only call those politicians make will be for prayers after the next mass shooting.

And the next after that.