Black Friday was black indeed for the Colorado Planned Parenthood office and for the agency of women everywhere. At the end of the 5 hour siege, one police officer and two civilians were dead and two other officers and seven other civilians were wounded. Luckily, none of the staff of the clinic were harmed.

Robert Lewis Dear was motivated by opposition to safe and legal abortion, saying “no more baby parts” to law enforcement officials.

It is the latest in a long line of terrorist attacks on Planned Parenthood facilities, fueled in part by the poisonous rhetoric of ideologically driven extremists.

Their inflammatory allegations have real world consequences. The increase in vandalism and body counts, the harmful legislation (closing, defunding, restricting access) and even the rise in sexually transmitted diseases are just some of the results.

Lizz Winstead posted:

What I will say again is that these hatemongers are allowed to breed when no one weeds the garden of bad ideas.

What are you going to do? Become a gardener? Or stand by and watch the bad ideas fester?

Willie Parker posted:

We who understand the need for abortion availability can no longer sympathetically stand with Planned Parenthood or any other facility that finds itself in the crosshairs of abortion extremism, we must act on behalf of women and reproductive rights. We must make sure that every political engagement we consider is filtered through our concern about impact on reproductive rights. We must, if we have to, vote primarily in the context of this issue alone. We cannot allow major political candidates to accept endorsement from abortion terrorists without penalty. The stark contrast between abortion extremism and democratic political change can only be made when in every way we engage the political system.

We must act and vote in defense of reproductive rights. We can’t sit idly by while pstand planned quoteoliticians seize on lies and smears to shut down health centers, push abortion bans, defund Planned Parenthood, and deny women access to care.

Ten hours after the shooting not a single one of the 14 Republican presidential candidates had stated any condolences, concerns, or thoughts of solidarity with the victims of the Planned Parenthood shooting. We cannot be silent nor allow the silence of others to put more women at risk.

No one should ever fear for their life while seeking health care. No caregivers should have to wear bullet proof vests to work in order to get people the care they need.

And, no-one who is against abortion because of a reverence for life should ever tolerate murder done by those who agree with them.