There may have been a 31 hour long boil water advisory, but the literary lesbians turned up the glam at the 2015 Goldie Awards at the 11th Annual Golden Literary Society Annual Conference here in New Orleans.

Here is a picture of most of the Bella Books authors and our publisher, Linda Hill:

bella authors

Here are the award winners:

Debut author:
Just Intuition – Makenzi Fisk
Never Too Late – Julie Blair
Stick McLaughlin – CF Frizzell

Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure:
The One – JM Dragon
Sharpshooter- Leslie Murray
Switchblade- Carsen Taite

Undone – EM Hodge
Kissing keeps us afloat – Laurie McFayden

The Acquittal- Anne Laughlin
Left Field – Elizabeth Sims
The Consequence of Murder – Nene Adams

Young Adult:
Double Exposure- Bridget Birdsall
Riding the Rainbow – Genta Sebastian
Just Girls – Rachel Gold

Anthology/Collection (Creative Non-Fiction):
Queerly Beloved A Love Story Across Genders – Diane Anderson-Minshall Jacob Anderson-Minshall
An American Queer – Lee Lynch

The Magic Hunt – LL Rand
The Devil You Know – Marie Castle
Dogs of War – Geonn Cannon

Heart’s Surrender – Emma Weimann
Best Lesbian Erotica 2014 – Rachel Windsor
Escapades – MJ Williamz

Dramatic/General Fiction:
The War Within – Yolanda Wallace
Loved and Lost – Stephanie Kusiak
Everything – Carole Wolf

Anthology/Collection (Fiction):
Wicked Things – Jae and Astrid Ohletz
Unwrap These Presents – Astrid Ohletz and R.g. Emanuelle

Historical Fiction:
Tangled Roots – Marianne K. Martin
Waiting for the Violins – Justine Saracen
The Bright Lights of Summer – Lynn Ames

Traditional Contemporary Romance:
Kiss the Girl – Melissa Brayden
Nightingale- Andrea Bramhall
The Midnight Moon- Gerri Hill

Science Fiction/Fantasy:
FutureDyke – Lea Daley
Return of an Impetuous Pilot – Kate McLachlan
Rabbits of the Apocalypse- Benny Lawrence

The GCLS Directors’ Award is presented to a single GCLS member in recognition of contributions made to the Golden Crown Literary Society during the past year and/or to the ongoing mission of the organization over a longer period of time.

GCLS Directors Award: Watty Boss

Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Design provides recognition for artistic work that contributes to the promotion of a quality product in our marketplace. The award honors cover designs that create a beautiful representation of the story and put a professional face on the lesbian genre. Cover design goes beyond the art and includes the typography and layout of the printed words as well as how the visual elements are arranged.

Tee Corinne Outstanding Cover Design:
Everything – Ann McMan designer

Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award is voted on by members of the Golden Crown Literary Society.

Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award:
Olive Oil and White Bread – Georgia Beers

The GCLS aims to recognize books/titles that convey meaningful lesbian experiences with influential historical value to the lesbian community, recognizing that individual perceptions of classics will differ. The Classics Award differs from the Trailblazer Award in that the Classic Award is for a specific book/title that is timeless (e.g., Lee Lynch for The Swashbuckler).

Lee Lynch Classic Book Award:
Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown

GCLS Trailblazer Award is for lifetime achievement and is presented each year to a single author in recognition of the contributions made to the field of lesbian literature. To be eligible to win, the author must meet specific criteria. The author must have published a significant body of work over a period of at least 20 years and written lesbian-themed works that have had a positive impact upon the growth and visibility of the field of lesbian literature. This award can be given posthumously.

Trailblazer Award: 
Joan Nestle

Congratulations to all the winners!

Hope to see y’all next year at the 12th Annual Conference in Washington, DC from July 6, 2016 to July 10, 2016!