Situation Summary: As of the end of February, 2021 there have been over 113 million cases worldwide. Between January 20, 2020 and February 25, 2021 there have been almost 28 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 with around 500,000 deaths in the U.S as reported by the World Health Organization.

February 1 – Louisiana has 401,591 confirmed cases with 8,912 deaths.

I made a new brownie recipe – Fudgy Nutella Sourdough Brownies

February 3

The movers emptied the two storage units and the furniture from 8212 and put them at the new house. It took two trips but the garage is full and the furniture is in place.

February 4

An easy day, I got cigarettes for mom from a cheap tobacco place in Robertsdale.

February 5

Went to the new house for my folks to talk to the termite inspector and for me to open a few more boxes. Mom and I then went to Tuesday Morning to buy mattress pads and sheets to replace those lost in the storm.

February 6

IWO Endorsement meeting lasted 7 hours while the last of the moving happened. Luckily my sister was able to take lead while I sat in the bedroom on zoom. I had a horrible cough and it was truly hard to stay focused for that long.

February 7

I drove to New Orleans. Had a lovely chat with a good friend, Charlotte, as she had to bring her keys to let me into my house as I left mine in Alabama.

February 8

My friend, Ayame, got me in to take a Covid-19 test at LCMC. It was a great relief when I found out later that I was negative.

I ran by the grocery store for some supplies to make chicken stock. I also picked up Lucky Charms frosted flakes and they weren’t half bad.

February 9

I ran a number of errands including depositing my stimulus check and scanning in the documents for the tax preparer for the rental place. Their office is mainly closed with everyone still working from home so it was easier to get her scans than to dropping them off.

I used the stock I made yesterday to make chicken soup for my niece. Her entire household is positive with Covid-19. I then took a nap.

February 10

Drove to Hattiesburg, MS then to Saraland, AL, then Gulf Shores. Dropped off stuff to Michelle and the soup to Kathleen before heading to my parents.

February 13

Supercold temperatures all across the south, especially in Texas. In Gulf Shores, temperatures dropped below freezing.

February 15

Today is Michelle and my anniversary. We connected by phone. Someday we will be able to spend it together again.

February 16

So, now I know how the rest of the world feels on Mardi Gras – it was just another Tuesday. 39 degrees F outside but still just Tuesday.

February 19

Was a host on a LGBTQ Happy Hour on zoom for Karen Carter Peterson. She is running for Congress. I posted my remarks here – https://marygriggs.wordpress.com/2021/02/20/im-on-team-kcp-for-la02/

February 20

Watched the sun come up at Fort Morgan beach.

February 21

Roughly one year since the first known coronavirus-related death was reported in the US, we are approaching the loss of half a million people. As of Sunday, the pandemic death toll was 497,403, higher than in any other country. More Americans have died from Covid-19 than on the battlefields of World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War combined.

Watched the US Women’s National Team play Brazil in the She Believes Cup. With goals from Press and Rapinoe, the US won to get the 3 points and be solidly on top of the leaderboard.

February 22

Got up early to walk on the beach. Saw a few birds, collected a few shells.

February 24 – As of February 24, 2021, the United States has suffered more than 503,000 official deaths from COVID-19. We have 4% of the world’s population and have suffered 20% of deaths from coronavirus.

Mom and I ran errands today including closing the final storage unit. I loaded the lone box (a microwave) in the car as my niece is coming across the bay today and will pick up that and several other boxes.

Watched the USWNT beat Argentina 6-0 in the final game of the She Believes Cup.

February 25 – Louisiana has 428,592 confirmed cases with 9,587 deaths. The state has now administered 925,991 COVID-19 vaccinations, including 332,415 completed two-dose series.

Made Chili Con Carne today. Find the recipe here.

February 27

The United States conducted over 2.3 million Covid vaccinations today — a new single day record.

February 28 – The United States has 28,567,544 COVID-19 cases with 512,346 deaths.

Went to Wal-Mart for groceries and lots of small things (Gorilla glue, batteries, light bulbs, cleaning supplies, office supplies, etc)

Mom and I finished another puzzle. This one was harder than it looks.