Situation summary: June saw more than 800,000 new cases, bringing the total number of cases in the United States to more than 2.6 million.

June 1 – Louisiana is reporting 40,341 positive cases of COVID-19 today. Alabama reports 18,020 cases.

I went out to watch the sunrise from the end of the dock. Not many birds and, those that were flying, were too far away to capture with my camera. On the walk back, I took a picture of the day lilies mom planted 21 years ago and have reappeared every year since.

The Louisiana governor announced that Phase 2 will begin on June 5th. I’m not sure we can all Open Safely but the alternative is more and more know-nothings flaunting their non-compliance and we’ll all be in worse shape.

The New Orleans mayor announced that NOLA would not be moving into Phase 2.

June 3, 2020 – 1,842,080 cases in US with 105,852 deaths

My uncle and aunt stopped by with some shrimp they had picked up from a shrimper buddy of theirs. Made shrimp toulouse for lunch recipe here

Finished another puzzle. This one was part of a trade and was mailed from my friend in California. Maria has been doing some difficult puzzles but this one was not only a pretty picture but just the right level of challenge.

One of the organizations on whose board I serve (Independent Women’s Organization) put out a message in support of Black Lives Matter.

June 4 – Louisiana has 41,562 positive cases of Covid-19. Alabama has 18,766 positive cases.

Today was Michelle’s birthday. I mailed a card on Monday and she didn’t mention it so I think it hasn’t arrived. I’ve also been teasing her with the birthday gift I’ve ordered for her.

I imagine this pelican is singing the happy birthday song, very loudly and most definitely off key.

I decided I needed more sweet in my life, so I made these pecan joys with chocolate morsels, sweetened condensed milk, pecans and coconut. Yum. Recipe here.

June 5 – Cases in US are now at 1872,097 with 107,110 deaths. Louisiana is 41,989 cases with 2,801 deaths.

Louisiana begins Phase 2 reopening but New Orleans is staying at Phase 1.

They announced a Tropical Storm Watch for all of Southern Louisiana ahead of Cristobal making its way across the Gulf. The storm will cover all of the Gulf of Mexico by Sunday, so who knows how much wind/rains we’ll be getting.

June 6 – Louisiana has 42,486 cases with 2,814 deaths. Alabama has 19,709 with 685 deaths

I got up at 4:30 am and drove to New Orleans to storm proof my house. I took down the hanging plants, pulled in the glass tops to the tables and shelves, secured the porch plants and other outside items, grabbed my mail and got back on the road. I was back in Foley by noon, being chased by rain the entire way back.

I storm proofed Dad’s dock (securing the boat and all the loose items like crab traps, ladders, coolers, chairs, etc) and around the house. I think we’re ready for the tropical storm.

June 7 – today the Louisiana Department of Health reported 42,816 positive cases

Tropical storm Christobel had a surge, wind and rain bands (we got a total of 3 inches) but other than a very wet lawn, no damage. Here is a short video:



June 8 – Alabama reported 20,590 cases with 714 deaths. Louisiana is reporting 43,050 cases

I drove dad to the Pensacola Naval Air Station Hospital for xrays and for him to get more pain pills. While sitting in the parking lot, I watched a lady with snow-white, short cut hair go in with the rolling gait of a hip replacement. She comes out later with a nurse pushing another older woman (short, snow-white hair) in a wheelchair.

They get into a minivan and I can’t help thinking they are long-term lesbian lovers, survivors of the post war purges and DADT. They were WAVES or WACS, perhaps. A patriotic love story just begging to be written.

I had a Forum board meeting in the evening. We discussed the national LGBTQ statement on Black Lives Matter and have decided to craft one for us.

June 9 – 1,952,442 cases in US with 109,507 dead

Neighbor came by to help with a leak in the roof after the storm. Found out the squirrels had been chewing up the lead protectors of the vent pipes and had given themselves access. He put on sleeves and I helped use flex tape to protect the places where they had dug into the roof. Hopefully that will fix things.

My Dad and I got into a conversation after he made a statement about All Lives Mattering and I asked him how he would have felt if the radiologist in the emergency room started x-raying his legs or ribs or even the other arm. All bones matter but we must focus where the pain is. Right now, with all the black victims of extrajudicial execution by police officers, is when Black Lives Matter.

June 10 – Louisiana had 44,030 cases with 2,855 deaths.

Neighbor came by with a repellent to heat up the squirrels feet. He started up the ladder, after waving me off, and then came tumbling down as he hadn’t locked it. He was a little bloody and scrapped up but nothing broken and still insisted on finishing the job on the roof. Such a good neighbor.

Ran to the credit union, cigarette store, bank and H&R Block. Deposited my stimulus check and dropped off my taxes to be done.

Had a FFE PAC board meeting

Placed amazon order for laser thermometer and extra long reach toilet paper wand for Dad.

June 11 – 2,012,500 cases in US with 112,200 dead

Took dad to the orthopedist. He has shattered his shoulder, not fractured his humurus The X-ray shows the multiple pieces of his shoulder:

They immediately scheduled surgery for Monday at 9am for a reverse total replacement. We then went to the preadmit clinic for him to have a COVID test, EKG, chest xray, blood and urine analysis.

Walgreens didn’t have his pain medications ready so I ran by Krystals and then took him home to eat, take a pill and nap.

Made puddin pops after dinner with homemade chocolate pudding and cool whip. Recipe here.

June 12 – 44,472 cases in Louisiana with 2,874 deaths. Alabama 22,474 cases with 750 dead

Made pizza for lunch, pretzels for happy hour. We are doing a socially distant happy hour now that my niece has made it down from DC with her sister, my sister and her husband with Mom, Dad and I staying at least 10 feet away.

Made sangria with the fruit I had in the house plus the remainder of a bottle of Lambrusco we had left over from dinner the other night. Recipe here.

Another organization on whose board I serve (Forum for Equality) has put out a statement supporting Black Live Matter.

June 13 – US cases are at 2,062,890 with 113,595 deaths

Went to fix a flat tire then to Kurpensky farm for sweet corn, Home Depot for charcoal and a farmers market for honey and tomatoes

Made a tomato pie with the heirloom tomatoes. Recipe here

Picked up meat that my brother-in-law smoked today – boston butt stuffed with sausage and wrapped in bacon.

June 14

Had a bit of an issue at lunch with my swallowing and hiatal hernia that meant I couldn’t get anything into my stomach. I regurgitated water and spit until my diaphragm finally relaxed around 5am. Not fun at all.

June 15 – Alabama cases 25892 with 769 deaths. Louisiana 47,172 with 2906 deaths

Took Dad to the hospital for shoulder surgery. Because of the Coronavirus, I dropped him at the main entrance with a suitcase – I wasn’t allowed in the building.

I ran several errands on my way home – got groceries, replaced the key fob batteries for my mom’s car at the Honda dealership, stopped by the post office, got gas and lunch at Arby’s, then got more charcoal and picked up my completed taxes.

Dad’s surgery was successful and finished before 3pm. The doctor says he should be released in the morning.

I was so pleased to see the Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ employment. The decision on Title VII was a critical win for equal rights and its a big fucking deal for people like me who like in Southern states and who have been fighting for employment non-discrimination laws for years (I’ve been fighting since 2009 in Louisiana with Forum for Equality).

June 16 – US cases 2,103,240 with 114,389 deaths

Picked up Dad a little after 3pm. He was groggy and compliant, so it made an easy trip home.

June 17 – Louisiana cases 48634 with 2950 deaths. Alabama 26914 cases with 784 deaths

Ran errands in the morning and then took Dad to physical therapy in the afternoon.

Cut dad’s toenails – he hasn’t been able to cut his own since his hip replacement.

June 18 – US has 1,177,951 cases with 116,587 deaths (more than WWI)

Started the day with my nieces doing a walk in the Weeks Bay Pitcher Plant Bog. There is nothing like walking among carnivorous plants to put things back into perspective.

Got ahold of my doctor and was able to get an urgent referral for a gastroenterologist to rescope my esophagus. I was able to get them to make an appointment for July 15th

The United States has been stuck at more than 20,000 new cases a day for nearly three months.

June 19 – US 2,209,604 cases with 117,275 deaths

Repotted plants, dad to pt, ran a bunch of errands

June 20 – US 2,242,081 with 117,819 deaths

Swept the screened in porch, farmers market, virtual IWO annual meeting. I was elected president of the organization.

US has 4% of global population. 27% (and rising) of global #COVID19 cases.

June 21 – Louisiana 49,778 with 2993 deaths. Alabama 29598 with 829 deaths

Grilled steak for Dad and then grilled pears for dessert. Grilled and Filled Pear recipe here.

Mom and I finished another puzzle. This one was super hard as the lavender was just a blur of purple.

June 22 – Worldwide 8,986,000 cases with 467,000 deaths. US 2,282,399 cases with 118,182 deaths

Home health nurse came to asses Dad. Took him to PT in the afternoon and I traded another puzzle and filled the car with gas.

June 23 – Louisiana 51,595 with 3021 deaths. Alabama 30,670 with 854 deaths

Fajitas for lunch. Started a new puzzle

The President of the United States has threatened anyone who destroys a statue with 10 years of prison time. My response – Statues are not history. Statues are mythology. Statues are hagiography. History is a discipline. It is a way of analyzing the past and using a critical examination of source material to present an explanation for causes and events. Tear them all down!

June 24 – Alabama has 31,624 cases while Louisiana has 52,447 cases.

Took dad to physical therapy, bought corn and peaches at the farm stand. Terrible rainstorm as I drove back to pick him up.

Today marks the 47th anniversary of the Up Stairs Lounge arson. The fire remains the deadliest in New Orleans history (32 victims) and, until the Pulse massacre in Orlando in 2016, was the deadliest crime against #LGBTQ folks in U.S. history.

June 25 – Louisiana has 53,415 cases with 3051 deaths. Alabama has 32,753 cases with 880 deaths

June 27 – 125,000 dead Americans and President Trump goes and plays golf today

Went to the farmers market for tomatoes

June 28 –  56,236 cases in Louisiana with 3086 deaths. More than 500000 people worldwide have died from the coronavirus.

Grilled chicken and sweet potatoes. Did the beer can up the butt method and managed to drop the chicken after I took it off the grill. Hot beer and a few grassy notes to the chicken but it still was darn tasty and super moist. Recipe here for Rosemary, Garlic, Sage Rubbed Grilled Chicken.

June 29 – 2,575,029 cases in US 124,289 deaths

Took dad to PT. I stayed outside as I just read that half of the new COVID-19 cases detected in recent weeks have been in adults under 35 and I didn’t want to be around anyone!

June 30 – The country is now seeing more than 40,000 new infections a day while the European Union, which has more people, is seeing fewer than 6,000. About half the new cases are coming from California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona. Florida’s cases increased by 277 percent in the past two weeks; Texas’s by 184 percent, and Arizona’s by 145 percent. The national confirmed deaths are approaching 130,000 people.

Took dad to see the surgeon. He is healing well, incision looks good and his range of motion is coming back. This is what a total reverse shoulder replacement looks like:

We’re 160 days into the US pandemic and are averaging 16,500 cases per day and have lost the lives of more than 126,000 Americans. I have to wonder what the next month will bring in terms of loss and the national response.