Situation summary: April truly was the cruelest month. During April, the United States lost 50,000 souls, and 20 million jobs. In May, unemployment dropped to 13.3% as many places of business reopened. However, some researches estimate that 42% of all job losses will be permanent. Of course, if more people don’t take basic precautions of wearing face coverings and maintaining distance, it will be more then the losses of jobs that will be permanent.

I’ve been finding it harder to keep up with the journal – watching the number of cases is becoming overwhelming and I spend hours online just going through my Facebook and Twitter timeline.

May 1 –  28711 cases in Louisiana with 1927 deaths.

Did a grocery store run and to the bank. Fewer people seem to be wearing masks. Kathy and Wayne over for pizza.

May 2 – Louisiana 29,140 with 1950 deaths

Woke at 4am to grill a brisket. Not only is this National BBQ Month but it there is also a call to grill in your front yard to safely be a part of your community. Here is my recipe:  https://mouthbrothels.wordpress.com/2020/05/02/frontyardcookout-beef-brisket/

May 3 – US cases 1,144,944 with 66,844 deaths

I stayed with the grilling theme and grilled salmon with lemon juice and butter and served it with asparagus and cornbread

May 4 – Louisiana has 29673 with New Orleans having 6538 of those cases

Got up early and ran to the grocery store to buy more brisket for Dad, Wayne and their next door neighbor. The smallest was 11 lbs so it will be good times for everyone.

Made salmon cucumber spread with the leftovers from yesterday’s grilled salmon. Recipe here: https://mouthbrothels.wordpress.com/2020/03/01/cucumber-and-salmon-sandwiches/

Got to watch a replay of the US Women vs China 1999 Women’s World Cup Final. Such a great game – Michelle Akers playing her heart out, Kristin Lily heading the ball away from the goal, Brandy Chastain taking off her shirt and the US winning it all.

May 5 –  1,189,581 cases in US with 69,876 deaths. 29,996 cases in Louisiana

Made tacos for lunch and then seven layer dip with the leftovers for dinner.

May 6 – US 1,218,576 cases with 72,464 dead. Louisiana had 30,399 cases.

May 7 – 1,235,993 cases in US with 74,569 deaths Louisiana had 30,652 cases with 2135 deaths

Grocery run. Most everyone in Publix was wearing a mask. Only one other person at either Dollar General was wearing one (the cashier).

May 8 – Louisiana 30,855 with 2154 deaths. Alabama 9221 cases with 375 deaths

Made a coffee cake like the one before but this time I put in apple instead of blueberries. I grated the apple and think that next time I will use more and mix it in with the batter.

Dropped tax stuff off for mom and dad and then mailed a couple of puzzles we’ve completed to a friend in GA. The US post office was the first place I’ve gone with 100% mask wearing.

Made a pizza when I came home. After a nap, I made pretzels with the rest of the dough.

May 9– World 4,017296 cases with 278,936 deaths

We called in an order of 5lbs of royal red shrimp and 2 lbs crawfish from Undertow, a dive bar in Orange Beach for a pre-Mother’s day celebration. Wayne and Kathy picked them up and then came by for us to eat outside on the porch. Mom loves shrimp and this was a perfect way to enjoy them – boiled to perfection with lots of butter.

May 12 – World 4,249,764 with 290,714 deaths. US 1362953 with 81,607 deaths

Bad cramps so I slept most of the day away. Grilled cheese for lunch and baked sweet potato for dinner.

I’m concerned about all the places opening up with people venturing out without wearing face masks or maintaining six feet distance. Of course, they won’t go out without their guns, like that will help against a microbe.

May 13 – 1,383,789 with 83290 dead in US

May 14 – Louisiana 33,489 ⬆️ 827 Total Deaths: 2,351  ⬆️ 36

My niece is going to drive down from DC as she’s been furloughed to Sept/October from her event management job at a DC hotel/convention center.

May 15 – US 1433,423  with 86,466 dead

My sister and her husband came over for dinner. Gosh, I love pizza!

May 16 – Louisiana 33,837 2382 deaths. US 1461048 with 87,646 deaths

Went on a walk on the beach in Gulf Shores. We had to go a different route as the powers that be are doing construction of the Gulf State Park Pier (in background of picture) so it is closed.

Lots of people walking at sunrise (we were closer to the hotels) and no-one but us even had masks – we had them around our necks in case we stopped to talk to anyone.

After the walk, I went to Walmart where I wore my mask and got looks from all the other folks who didn’t bother to wear one.

May 17 – Worldwide 4704847 with 313,947 dead. US 1480609 with 88454

Today the number of Americans dead from COVID-19 now equals the combined total of Americans killed in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

They had bone-in turkey breasts on sale at Winn-Dixie so I bought two the other day. I grilled one of them today. I used a brine that works on chicken, too that includes Herbes de Provence. Recipe here – https://mouthbrothels.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/herbes-de-provence-turkey-brine/

Mom and I finished a really tough puzzle of the Victory of Alexander the Great at the Battle of Issus

Later that day, I fried mozzarella cheese sticks. Recipe here – https://mouthbrothels.wordpress.com/2020/05/27/fried-mozzarella-sticks/

May 19 – 1521,903 us cases with 90679

Grilled some Boston Butt country style ribs and served them sweet potato rounds. So good and good for you!

Recipe here: https://mouthbrothels.wordpress.com/2020/05/21/grilled-sweet-potatoes/

May 20 – 1544519 cases with 92152 deaths

The Forum for Equality is taking advantage of this period to do some serious thinking. Day 1 of the FFE Strategic planning session was held today and we focused on our values.

May 21 – US has 1570154 cases and 93436 deaths. Louisiana has 35,315 cases 2485 deaths. Alabama has 13058 cases with 528 deaths

Went to farm stand for sweet corn and picked up a couple green tomatoes as well. Went to the post office to drop off a puzzle and, in sharp contrast to last visit, I was the only one in a mask – not even the guy running the register was wearing a face covering.

IWO candidate forum via zoom was held last night and I was able to watch the recording today.

I also did more Zoom FFE strategic planning – Day 1 where we discussed threats and opportunities facing the organization.

Made pretzel dough for an over night rest for beer pretzels for Wayne.

May 22

Dad went to get his haircut. Learned the barber hadn’t ever closed, even during the lockdown. He’d just tell people who called to park around back and come in that door. On his way home, Dad stopped at Whataburger for lunch. They made people paying with credit card come in and cash customers use the drive through – no seating indoor, just take food to go.

Made pretzels from yesterdays dough – recipe here:https://mouthbrothels.wordpress.com/2020/05/23/beer-pretzels/

The cool thing about this recipe is you can freeze them before the boil stage to eat later.

Kathy and Wayne came over. She cut Mom’s hair and I made pizza.

May 23 – US at 1609041 with 95753 deaths

IWO held a virtual endorsement for the First City Court Judge race to be held on July 11. We had two rounds of voting using Election Runner application and then needed to do a dual endorsement as neither of the top two candidate got 60% (as that is the threshold for an endorsement).

May 25 – US cases 1,654,943 with 98,218 deaths. Deaths in NOLA continued to trend downward with 502 total deaths and 70005 cases

On this Memorial Day we have now had more COVID19 deaths than several of our nation’s wars. It is a chilling reminder of what we could lose if people don’t take precautions.

We grilled ribeye steak for lunch. Mom and I finished a puzzle with butterflies. It had lots of odd shaped pieced so it was a challenge.

May 26 – US 1,680,301 with 98,875 deaths. Louisiana has 38,054 cases with 2596 deaths. Alabama 15,650 with 580 deaths

I had a bit of a conflict today. It was day 3 of the Forum for Equality strategic planning session but also an IWO board meeting. As we were voting on the Board slate for the next two years, I couldn’t miss that. I went to the FFE one for 30 minutes and then jumped over to the IWO one.

The board approved the slate (with me as president) and we will be posting it to the membership for their voting in the next couple of weeks.

May 27 – 1691431 with 99,238 deaths

Went grocery shopping. About half the people in Rouses had on masks, maybe 10 to 25% of those in Wal Mart wore masks but almost everyone in Publix had a mask on.

May 28 – 1713750 with 100446 deaths

My boss with Barbara’s books let me know that my job hasn’t returned. Although the Macy’s stores in Louisiana reopened on May 18, we’ve had no book sales so they don’t want me returning to work yet.

May 29

Kathy and Wayne brought fried chicken for dinner. Kathy cut my hair.

Mom and I finished another puzzle. It is called the Bizarre Bookshop and it had lots of great titles on the books: ‘Lady Chatterley’s Pullover’ ‘The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner Bean’ ‘The Spy Who Came Down With a Cold’ ‘20,000 Leeks Under the Sea’ ‘The Gulls of Navarone.’

May 30 – Alabama has 17,359 cases with 618 deaths. Louisiana has 39,577 cases with 2680 deaths.

There were lots of squirrels and a cotton tailed rabbit in the yard today:

Made pizza and a small batch of banana pudding. Recipe here: https://mouthbrothels.wordpress.com/2020/05/31/small-batch-banana-pudding/

May 31 – Worldwide 6,118,000 cases with 369,000 death. In the US 1,778,901 cases with 103,015 deaths