Jae, an award winning author of slow burn romances with strong female characters, is running a fun promotional event for all lesbian fiction readers. Wouldn’t you want to play Lesbian Book Bingo?


Just as in regular bingo, there is a bingo card with 24 squares. In Lesbian Book Bingo, each square has a category/theme such as “historical fiction” or “summer read” or “enemies to lovers.”

Each month, Jae will post recommendations for 2 categories, each with a list of 15 books. Readers can win e-books by completing a row on the bingo card, which means reading books from at least 5 different categories. There’ll also be two giveaways each month for readers who leave comments.

It’s a big, year-long event with more than 250 authors participating and my book, Crash Stop, will be in the enemies to lovers category, to be posted on August 16.

For the rulz and the bingo card: https://jae-fiction.com/lesbian-book-bingo/ 

Follow Jae’s Book Bingo posts on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaeFiction