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There are lots of events happening nationally, around the state and in New Orleans over inauguration weekend of January 20-21 for folks to demonstrate and protest.

Yes, the election is over. While my candidate didn’t win, my greater concern is that the country lost. We saw during the campaign clear racism, outright advocacy for nuclear proliferation and environmental degredation, full throated support for discrimination against Muslims and the LGBTQ community and an erasure of women’s worth outside of her appearance. A bully won where it mattered and that is why I won’t be getting over it anytime soon. I stand firmly against those who equate cruelty with strength and who would undercut basic American values to burnish their bottom line.

Patriotic swan loves America but is no longer so sure about her fellow Americans.

Patriotic swan loves America but is no longer so sure about her fellow Americans.

Resistance is more than a single demonstration, though. It is doing the hard work to advocate for the issues which are important to us and the future of this nation. We must monitor the goings on in the White House, in Congress and in our Statehouses. We must become participants in the political process and engage with our allies to defend one another from attack and disenfranchisement.

We need more than armchair activists. We need those who will build community coalitions toward a better, more just society. A good way to start is by getting out next weekend and seeing the people and organizations who are out there, voicing their opposition. Please support them and help further the work.

There is the National Women’s Strike happening by those who can abstain from all labor for two full days beginning on January 20th. Instead of laboring, women are encouraged to demonstrate full access to birth control and abortion, a $15 minimum wage, universal childcare, and paid parental leave as well as talk to families, friends, and coworkers about what is needed to make women’s lives fairer, happier, less hectic and more secure.

J20Nola: Anti Trump Inauguration Rally & March event on Friday, January 20th at Duncan Plaza is a counter-inaguration and the first day of united mobilizations to resist and stop the war on the people.

The Women’s March will be the day after the inauguration in Washington, DC. The march invites people to “come together in solidarity to express to the new administration & Congress that women’s rights are human rights and our power cannot be ignored.”

The official Women’s March New Orleans event page says it is a combined event with Millennials March, March for Louisiana and the March for Revolution NOLA. It will be held on Saturday, January 21st. Folks will meet up at Washington Square Park (700 Elysian Fields Ave). At 2pm, the march will begin down Elysian Fields Avenue, turn right on Decatur Street, cross Canal and continue on Tchoupitoulas St., then turning right up Poydras Street, a right on Loyola Avenue and continue left onto Perdido Street to congregate in front of City Hall. This will be happening at the same time as the Women’s March in DC.

Also on January 21, 2017 at 1:00pm EST, will be one minute of silence for equality. At 1:00pm, all who believe in equality beyond all ages, races, abilities, genders, orientations, economic status, man-made boundaries or cultural borders will stand together in unity. All women, especially those who can not attend a march due to responsibilities, health concerns, lack of liberty or other reasons are expressly invited to join, exactly where they are, through one all-inclusive act: 1@1.

Oh, and don’t forget about the BLUSH BALL 2017 – Party with a Purpose happening on Friday, January 20th at Generations Hall. Tickets available at their website: www.blushball.org Proceeds go to benefit Metropolitan Center for Women and Children.

We can make change happen. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”