i-want-you-to-voteDon’t think that any post-debate/pre-election surge in the polls means you can stay home on November 8. Despite his insane statements about not conceding at the third and final debate, the number one threat to democracy in the United States is not Donald Trump.

It is apathy.

We must mobilize voters across the nation to make it abundantly clear that the will and power of the people is behind Hillary Clinton.

Frankly, it isn’t enough to just elect her President of the United States. We have to elect her with a landslide. We must send Hillary Clinton to DC with such a colossal vote margin that it will stand for all time as our condemnation of the racist, misogynistic, anti-immigration and all other alt-right prejudices that Trump’s rhetoric has advanced. Only by beating him very soundly at the polls, will we provide her with a mandate to continue the forward momentum of President Barack Obama and forge her own path.

Additionally, we have a chance to flip enough seats in the Senate and House of Representatives to turn them blue. With a Democrat led Congress, ending the deadlock on judicial seats, including those on the Supreme Court will be possible. It is a terrific opportunity to advance the course of fairness and equality for all.

Once eligible voters get out there and get counted, the loser won’t be able to claim the media or corporations rigged the election. Besides the fact that rigging the election is nigh impossible (this article outlines why), the far bigger issue is now, and has been, voter disenfranchisement, which has been part of the Republican party strategy for years. In fact, several GOP controlled states have even refused to comply with court orders to stop suppressing the vote.

So, I call on you, you nasty women and bad hombres! Exercise your hard fought for right to vote on November 8. Raise your voice by casting your vote.

As assistance this election, here are links to some of the organizations I support who have made endorsements or have provided guidance on the ballot measures.

Forum for Equality

Independent Women’s Organization

League of Women Voters of Louisiana

Public Affairs Research Council

If we all VOTE, we can harness our power and effect positive change.

Early voting in Louisiana begins on October 25 and runs through November 1st (excluding Sunday) from 8:30am to 6pm.

Election day is Tuesday, November 8. Polling place hours are 6am to 8pm. All voters in line at 8pm have the right to vote.

For questions, go to the Voter Portal of the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you and keep you from voting. Through the 866-OUR-VOTE hotline (866-687-8683), Election Protection helps all American voters, including traditionally disenfranchised groups, gain access to the polls and overcome obstacles to voting. For more information about Election Protection, please visit: www.866ourvote.org.

Now, get out there and GEAUX VOTE!