On Saturday, the Louisiana Presidential Primary will be held. It is very important as not only are state party officials on the ballot but the 51 pledged Democratic delegates and 43 pledged Republican delegates for president will be determined on March 5th. Learn more about the value of your primary vote here.

Check out the 2016 Presidential Preference Primary information sheet from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office.

During this busy campaign season, review this handout on How to Pick A Candidate from the League of women voters

Visit GeauxVote.com for polling place, ballot and other election information. Or, if you’re not opposed to strong language, you can find your polling place here.

The Independent Women’s Organization has a number of members running for Democratic party positions. Check out their list for suggestions on who to select on Saturday.

On election day, the Krewe of Hillary will be doing campaigning and phone banking for Hillary Clinton at the Hillary for Louisiana Office at 1516 Thalia Street. Here is the Facebook event information.