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LA FlagIt was a hard election season that saw a sitting, United States Republican Senator try every dirty trick in the book (lying in tv ads and debates, spying on private citizens, pandering to the basest of racist fears) only to lose to his Democratic challenger. Close to $18 million dollars were spent on campaign ads for the governor’s race, much of it from outside PACs

The opposition even tried to use my “pro homosexual blog” as proof that Edwards “plans to pursue policies granting special rights to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders.” There were articles in the Baptist Messenger, the Hayride and Gene Mills, the President of the Louisiana Family Forum, even took out a half page ad in newspapers across the state:

gene mills ad in advocate

Too bad he didn’t realize that the section he bolded just highlights what a fair and equality minded candidate John Bel Edwards is.

As John Bel Edwards posed on Facebook:

We won because of you. Thank you for voting to put Louisiana first.

You believed in our campaign to bring honor and integrity back to the state of Louisiana.

My campaign slogan has been “put Louisiana first” from the start, and that is exactly what I plan to do for the next four years. To me, that has always meant bringing our people together, regardless of party, to celebrate the things that make our state strong and solve our greatest problems.

I promise you tonight that I will always do what is best for all Louisianians — for our children, our veterans, our senior citizens. I believe Louisiana is worth fighting for. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead our state.

Louisiana’s future doesn’t belong to a political party — it belongs to all of us. I will work every day to make you proud of your vote and of your state.

Thanks to everyone to who stepped up or even stepped across the party line to vote in this election. Raise your glass in celebration of Louisiana’s spirit, strength, and future.

We can’t rest on this victory, though. There is a presidential election next year. And, as David Vitter has already said he will not be seeking reelection, we must continue to work here in Louisiana to elect progressive minded candidates.

Laissez le bon candidats gagner!