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I don’t like David Vitter. It is a dislike borne from seeing how he conducts himself and what his politics have resulted in for our state and nation, time and time again. That said: I won’t be voting against him on November 21st.

Instead, I will be voting FOR John Bel Edwards.

I won’t have to hold my nose to vote for him, either. Representative Edwards has integrity. Something few politicians have and even fewer are willing to put out a video on:

Not only that – he can win this thing. Look at this graphic from the LA Secretary of State/Advocate newspaper:

most votes

He received the most votes in nearly every region of the state and he can win on November 21st.

John Bel Edwards is squarely in the mainstream of Louisiana and he could use our help to fight against the lies and fear mongering of his opponent.

Here is what we can do:

Volunteer for his campaign. We must have better turnout and we need to get some of those voters who supported the other candidates to cross party lines, as well as improve the turnout here in New Orleans.

Talk to your friends and family across the state about why John Bel Edwards is good (or here) for Louisiana and why it is important to get out and vote.

Donate to his campaign. The other guy has a very deep war chest and a SuperPAC airing terrible, horrible no good commercials across the state. John Bel Edwards needs funds to keep his positive message for Louisiana out there.

Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook and like and retweet/share the posts that resonate with you – I bet they will resonate with others, too.

Finally, commit to vote yourself. Early voting is November 7-14 and the general election is Saturday, November 21st.

Geaux Vote!