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Team Louisiana! (from the Advocate)

I felt amazing, standing before the John Minor Wisdom (himself a champion of civil rights) US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals building this morning.

While the Louisiana marriage equality case received an unfavorable ruling from Judge Martin Feldman, we are confident of our grounds for appeal. Not only was it the only (at the time) case decided against love and fairness, the opinion also rehashed several arguments that had been discredited by other appeal courts (procreation, biological mother and father best, et al).

Lambda Legal had joined our fight and brought some great insights, borne from their experience at the appellate level, to the table. Camilla Taylor, Counsel and National Marriage Project Director at Lambda Legal, delivered a cogent and passionate argument to the three judge panel.

At least two of the judges seemed inclined our way (if their questions are anything to go by) but we won’t know until they render a decision how they will rule.

Frankly, we had the stronger argument as you can hear from the audio here.

Also today, the Supreme Court was to consider the Louisiana case among several others. Their day ended with no orders, so we will wait until Monday to find out if the Supreme Court will have our case leapfrog past the 5th Circuit. If no decision comes out of next week’s conference, the Supremes won’t have a same-sex marriage case on the docket this session.

They said that it would be a cold day in hell before marriage equality came to Louisiana. Considering the record breaking cold temperatures in New Orleans these past couple of days, the forces aligned against love better get ready. If New Orleans can get this frigid, Hell isn’t far behind.

Love and Revolution,


Mary Griggs, Chair
Forum For Equality Louisiana
4035 Washington Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70125