Lammy Seal

The 26th Annual Lamdba Literary Awards will be held on Monday, June 2, 2014.

The Lambda Literary Awards identify and celebrate the best lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender books of the year and affirm that LGBT stories are part of the literature of the world. The Awards ceremony has consistently drawn an audience representing every facet of publishing.

The category of LGBT Speculative Fiction includes science fiction, horror, fantasy, and related genres in novel, novella, and short story form.

My book, In the Midst of Tribulation, is currently being considered for this award and is in the midst of some really terrific books. Here is a list:


  • 20th Century Un-Limited, Felice Picano, Bold Strokes Books
  • A Special Kind of Folk, Barry Brennessel, MLR Press
  • After Shadow, Kim Pritekel, Sapphire Books Publishing
  • Alien Quest – Book one in the Alien Danger Series, Mark Zubro, MLR PRess
  • Arnica, I Christie, Blue Feather Books, LTD
  • The Art of Forgetting: Rider, Joanne Hall, Kristell Ink
  • Backwards, Nell Clowder, Little Tree Books
  • The Beast Without, Christian Baines, Interactive Publications/Glass House Books
  • Beloved Gomorrah, Justine Saracen, Bold Strokes Books
  • Beyond the Horse’s Eye–A Fantasy Out of Time, Janet Rose, WordSpace, Publications
  • Blood’s A Rover, D.J. Bershaw. Earwater Press
  • Choices Made – A Tale of the Gwerin, Scott William Simmons, Scott William Simmons
  • Collaborators, Deborah Wheeler, Dragon Moon Press
  • Creatures of Grace, P. Kristen Enos, CreateSpace
  • The Daughter Star, Susan Jane Bigelow, Candlemark & Gleam
  • Death by Silver, Melissa Scott & Amy Griswold, Lethe Press
  • The Demon Abraxas, Rachel Calish, Bella Books
  • Deprivation; or, Benedetto furioso: an oneiromancy, Alex Jeffers, Lethe Press
  • Dragon Slayer, Isabella Carter, Less Than Three Press
  • Dust Devil on a Quiet Street, Richard Bowes, Lethe Press
  • Earth’s Angel, Siri Caldwell, Bella Books
  • Echo’s Revenge, Linda Kay Silva, Sapphire Books Publishing
  • The Engineered Throne, Megan Derr, Less Than Three Press
  • For Want of a Fiend, Barbara Ann Wright, Bold Strokes Books
  • The Forbidden Scroll, Robert Joseph Greene, Icon Empire Press
  • Hell’s Belle, Marie Castle, Bella Books
  • The Horde, Linda Kay Silva, Sapphire Books Publishing
  • Hungry Ghost: Tales of the Pack Book 2, Allison Moon, Lunatic Ink
  • In the Midst of Tribulation, Mary Griggs, Bella Books
  • In the Nick of Time, Linda Kay Silva, Sapphire Books Publishing
  • Invisible Soft Return :\, Roberta Degnore, Digital Fabulists
  • Light, Nathan Burgoryne, Bold Strokes Books
  • Like Light for Flies, Lee Thomas, Lethe Press
  • Magical Echo, Linda Kay Silva, Sapphire Books Publishing
  • The Magistrate, Keira Michelle Telford, Venatic Press
  • The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles & Men, Eric Arvin, Wilde City Press
  • No Sister’s Keeper, Jeanne G’Fellers, Bella Books
  • Piper, Leona Carver, Less Than Three Press
  • The Plain of Bitter Honey, Alan Chin, Bold Strokes Books
  • Promised Valley Peace, Ron Fritsch, Asymmetric Worlds
  • Saving Morgan, MB Panichi, Bella Books
  • Scarlet Revenge, Sheri Lewis Wohl, Bold Strokes Books
  • Shell Game, Benny Lawrence, Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company/Nuance
  • Shirewode, J Tullos Hennig, Dreamspinner Press
  • The Stars Change, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Circlet Press, Inc.
  • The Vampire’s Witch: Book III in the Vampire’s Angel Series, Damian Serbu, Regal Crest Enterprises/Mystic Books
  • Weeping Walls, Gerri Hill, Bella Books

It would be honor to be a finalist but I confess I’m totally stoked to be among such great authors!