woman whipsering

Listen up! On Tuesday I’ll be on the last “Women A’Loud!” broadcast of the year. Women A’Loud! is a weekly broadcast that spotlights women through words, writing, reading, and wit. Check out their blog here.

The wonderful host, Shawn Marie Bryan has a segment called Be(h)n’s Book, named in homage of two great women of history: Aphra Behn and Lisa Ben. These two women, simply by living their lives on their terms were revolutionaries and gave us the gift of words, bound and published by women for women of our own accord.

On December 17th at 8pm (Mountain Time) she will be broadcasting an interview with me that ranged from conversation about life, the universe and everything and included discussion my latest novel: “In the Midst of Tribulation.”

Tune in on Tuesday to the online radio station gomilehigh!