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My endorsements for Tuesday’s election (because I know you all were breathless with anticipation).

Barack Obama, President of the United States of America – I am not a disappointed liberal. I believe that President Obama has done a remarkable job as our president, especially in regards to women and LGBT rights and I am happy to vote for him to have a second term. Here is a list of some of the reasons you should also vote for him: A LONG List of President Obama’s Accomplishments – With Citations

Cedric Richmond, United States Representative 2nd Congressional District

Dana Kaplan, Councilmember, District B


Edwin Lombard, Judge, Court of Appeal 4th Circuit, 1st District, Division A

Herbert Cade, Judge, Traffic Court, Division A

Paul Bonin, Judge court of Appeal 4th Circuit, 1st District, Division B

Sandra Jenkins,  Judge Court of Appeal 4th Circuit, 1st District, Division H

Tracey Flemings-Davillier, Judge Criminal District Court, Section B

School Board:

Cynthia Cade, Member of School Board, District 2

Lourdes Moran, Member of School Board, District 4 – Lourdes is doing a great job but her opponent is a dangerous bigot and must not win!

Seth Bloom, Member of School Board, District 5

Woody Koppel, Member of School Board, District 6

Thomas Robichaux, Member of School Board, District 7

Constitutional Amendments

(check out Public Affairs Research Council for a non partisan guide):

I am against robbing trust funds to pay budget shortfalls. While I’m a gun owner, I am against strict scrutiny for gun laws, as it could impact weapon free zones like schools and other laws that protect us from gun nuts (Orleans Parish DA Leon Cannizzaro agrees with me). I am against increasing tax exemptions in a state running budget deficits. I don’t believe law breaking politicians should get any benefits from their crimes while in office. I’m in favor of term limits.

Vote FOR – Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly

Vote AGAINST – Strict Scrutiny Review for Gun Laws

Vote AGAINST – Earlier Notice of Public Retirement Bills

Vote AGAINST – Homestead Exemption for Veterans’ Spouses

Vote FOR – Forfeiture of Public Retirement Benefits

Vote AGAINST – Property Tax Exemption Authority for New Iberia

Vote FOR – Membership of Certain Boards and Commissions

Vote AGAINST – Non-Manufacturing Tax Exemption Program

Vote FOR – More Notice for Crime Prevention District Bills

Vote FOR – Local Option School Board Term Limits