Back side of house with lovely go cup collection in the window

I’ve come through the worst of the storm and was very lucky. I lost power about 10pm on Tuesday, but with a car charger for my phone I’ve been able to stay in touch. Damage is to the fence, the gutter and the windows in the bedroom on the East side of the house – the rotation of the storm had heavy winds that way and just pushed the water in. I ended up with my collection of go cups along the windows to catch the drips.  This was such a slow moving system- averaging just 6 miles an hour of forward movement and it ended up dumping about a foot of water on my neighborhood.

Power was only restored around 6pm on Friday, just shy of 72 hours without. With the lack of ice, I lost a lot of the freezer and refrigerator contents. That and debris collected from the yard has made quite a pile for the trash folks to pick up.

Thanks for all the good wishes and messages – it helps to know y’all are out there for me.