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(c) by Mary Griggs

I’m not going to get into a discussion about how she won eight of the last 14 contests, including South Dakota. Nor mention that, since the DNC has partially accepted the Florida and Michigan results, she received more votes than Senator Obama during the campaign and that only the intervention of unelected superdelegates that locked in the nomination. I’m not even going to start comparing experience or predict who would be a better contender against McCain.What I do want to talk about is how her political campaign has changed politics.

In the first place, this was the first time that a woman running for the highest position in the land wasn’t seen as a novelty act. She was a legitimate candidate and, what is even more, she answered the question on whether a woman could be the Commander in Chief with a resounding yes.

Financially, she raised more money, faster than the other candidates and she kept being able to raise money until the end. We’re talking big bucks here–something like $175 million. And in a world where money talks, that’s a major statement.

Her performance in the debates had her beating her rivals, as seen by both pundits and public response afterwards. She was distinguished and on point and very articulate. Despite the commentators and opponents who tried to turn the focus to what she wore and how she was moved to tears, there was no better example of the personal and the political coming together.

Her fighting spirit might have occasionally flagged but she never faltered over the grueling, nearly year and half of campaigning. She persevered through some of the toughest campaigning I’ve ever seen for a party’s nomination and she gives new meaning to the word drive.

I would hate to see her undo all her great work by seeming to be a poor sport here at the end. She should concede with all the dignity of a valiant fighter; a fighter who will go on to fight another day. I look forward to her return to the Senate with even more passion and power than she had prior to this brave attempt. I know that this country will never be the same for her having made the run for us.