(c) by Mary Griggs

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.”

The above quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson and is quite apropos when you consider all the representatives of the Republican Party who are crashing and burning these days.

We had Mark Foley of Florida and his emails to underage pages. We had Jim West of Spokane attempting to hire an online buddy from a sex chat room. We had diaper loving, prostitute visiting David Vitter of Louisiana. We can’t forget Ed Schrock of Virginia who is on tape soliciting for gay sex. Nor, should we neglect the newest member of the club, Larry Craig of Idaho, who pleaded guilty for what he did in an airport restroom.

Now, I’m not saying that the Republicans have a lock on sexual misconduct while in office. Far from it. What incenses me is their sexual double dealings. All of these representatives have sponsored and voted for legislation codifying the definition of marriage while violating their marriage vows. Most have spoken and voted against various measures to protect Gay and Lesbian Americans from discrimination and violence and to keep us out of the military while, at the same time, they solicited for gay sex in public restrooms and chat rooms.

They are all on the record as great defenders of the family. Frankly, the American family doesn’t need their sort of help. The American family is a beautiful, vibrant thing; blended together from all kinds of parents. You’ve got single parents, gay and lesbian parents, grand parents as second parents, and good old fashioned opposite sex parents.

It is time to recognize that who we love is not nearly as important as the fact that everyone should be allowed to love without prejudice. If only those representatives had kept out of the politics of the bedroom, they might have been able to keep their jobs. The American public has a fine nose for detecting hypocrisy and the stench from these boobs will last to the next election.